With 50 years of experience, STK have established a reputation as one of the leading construction contractors in Singapore. The  STK Brand name is well known throughout the construction industry in Singapore as being competent, efficient and reliable. From the experience in the construction works, STK have developed new aid technologies to help improve fabrication and installation works.

With our vast knowledge and experience through various completed construction projects, we have established a reputation as one of the leading construction contractor in Singapore.

Fabrication Work

With our in-house computer program data control in fabrication, and 3D-Modeling program, the shop fabrication team can proceed with the fabrication of the piping works smoothly. The fabrication team can monitor the progress in the fabrication works and the inspection status and produce the spools for the field installation team with close coordination.

Field Installation Work

With the experience gained in the many field construction projects, we have identified the risks involved in the various installation processes.

Safety management plan is issued to the project team with emphasis to educate all team members to observe all safety rules and regulations

Our project completion schedule is 100% on time with the best quality of works and without lost time due to Accident